Yoogo Projections inc.


The Yoogo manufacturer making a different keychain!

Yoogo Projections inc. manufactures keychains that are unique by their patented design allowing the users to have better grips on their key-set. Our keychains are not only fobs. They are daily useful for handling your keys making them more available for self-defense than other defense devices.

Our trademark, "Yoogo", which reads "you-go", origins from a Japanese word meaning: protection, defense, support. The word "Projections" takes here the meaning of perspectives, different points of view in order to offer multiple visions of the security field.

Thereby for us, defense is not just about fighting techniques. Our product is built and presented considering all aspects of personal protection from prevention to health care after an assault through the analysis of instinctive actions that everyone can perform facing danger.

Yoogo Projections stands out by providing high quality security keychains along with a comprehensive approach of personal safety.

Do you know a keychain brand ? ... Now you do !



To share a comprehensive view of personal safety by providing you high quality products and services along using modern communication technologies.


Founding president & inventor

Hi! I am Georges A. Bernatchez, president of Yoogo Projections inc.

I started practicing karate at 12 to realize a childhood dream and to meet a strong need to test myself in a combat sport. Even though my training goals have changed over the years, I never gave up studying the art of empty hand who can teaches defense in a simple and efficient way.

Holding a Bachelor (B.Sc.) degree in Physical Education, I have been a full time karate instructor for 20 years. To my athletes, I taught that the result of a match is less important than staying present to the opponent throughout the engagement. I think it is the most important aspect of combat sport you can apply to personal defence: stay vigilant and never give up.

My experience as a physical intervention and firearms instructor at the “École nationale de Police du Québec” in the early 2000s, gave me the chance to work with people approaching the defense field with professionalism. Since then, I believe in a rational approach of personal defence and think we should consider an assault as an accident resulting from a psychological and social disorder.

In this regard, we all must be vigilant to prevent such accidents. As an instructor, I also approach the defence training with the same purposes as we do for first aid applied to physical discomforts: using knowledge, skills and tools with the intention of preserving life.

Over the years, I attended and provided defence seminar on several occasions. It is a field I like to study all aspects. The Yoogo defence keychain is the result of years of interest and search for simplicity and efficiency. Now, I wish to share it with you.

I invented the Yoogo keychain in 2009 and sold the first one in 2011. Thousands of peoples now have the Yoogo keychain attached to their keys and I wish that our customer base continues to grow. Whether you already own one or you are interested in buying one, know that my team and I are always available to inform you or to take your comments in order to continue discovering and improving the Yoogo keychain.

Georges-A. Bernatchez

Yoogo Projections inc.